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Planning a trip to Antalya can be part of the fun, but there’s also a lot of ground to cover. Below you’ll find quick overviews on other essential things like the City’s layout, flights, accommodation, local transportation, weddings and many more.

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The calendar of concerts, events, parties, etc..Here you will find detailed articles, tickets and researches about the activities that you might want to be in. See what´s on in Antalya and enjoy your time.

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We live and work in Antalya. We know this area well, and have met all the accommodation owners and service providers. We only list partners we have vetted personally, and know we can trust.

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A table with a view, dinner on a budget, an elegant gourmet is our guide to the best restaurants on Antalya.

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Spend a week in the cultural capital of Turkey exploring Antalya´s rich history and vibrant culture. Unearthing the history, the language and, ultimately, the people of a destination can be one of travel’s most rewarding aspects.

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