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More than 2000 years of history, 4 era of the different empires, many ancient cities, beautiful mediterranen nature, the freshest fruits and vegetables, thereabout 300 sunny days, from Kaş to Alanya 630 km coastline, hundreds of public and private beaches, more than a thousend properties, hundreds of 5 star hotels, 2 international airports, direct flights from hundreds of cities,15 million foreign and local visitors, 2 ski centers, more than 150 football fields, tens of golf and tennis courts, hunting facilities, motorbiking and biking routes, the famous Lycian Way, paragliding facilities, hundreds of national and international congress through the year, one port and 3 marinas, tens of international festivals, shopping alternatives for all pockets, national and international cuisines, concerts, nightlife and more... all in one destination...

Sun Sea and Sand

Nearly 300 sunny days, Turquoise sea, 630 km coast line Antalya is the tourism centre of Turkey. From Kaş to Alanya there are sandy Antalya beaches as Lara Beach, Adrasan Bay, Andrea Doria Bay,Ayışığı Beach, Kaputaş Beach, Kral Bay, Kleopatra Beach, Incekum Beach, Olympos Beach, Patara Beach, Phaselis Beach and pebble Antalya beaches like Konyaaltı Beach, Büyük Çaltıcak Beach, Küçük Çaltıcak Beach and more. Some of the beaches are public and some are private. Follow the link to see Antalya Beaches in details.

History of Antalya
​Antalya has the most beautiful and clean coasts of the Mediterranean. Along the 630 km coasts there are ancient cities, mousoleums, ancient ports and beautiful Antalya nature where green and turquoise meet.

Having all these heritage and natural beauties gave to Antalya a well deserved name 'Heaven on Earth'.

In short Antalya was founded by Attalos II,the King of Pergamon in year 150 BC and named Attalia.For further information come over here and join the culture excursions (click on photo to see) or follow the link below to read more in details.

Nature and Climate
Antalya is in the east corner of Mediterranean sea and has the typical nature and climate characteristic of it.

Click on the topic to read the blog about the whole year climate in details.

Antalya is located in front of the Taurus mountains. It is steep, more green and pebble (on the beach) where the Tauruses come close to the city like it is in Kemer region and it is more flat and sandy where the mountains lay far from the city like it is in Side-Alanya region. Citrus and pomegranade are the natural products but any other agricultural product can be produced in greenhouses. With this feature Antalya is also the most argicultural product exporting city in Turkey. In summer the weather is around 35 C degrees and in winter around 15 c degrees. Click on the photo for Antalya weather forecast.

Accommodations Alternatives
Antalya is far ahead the best destination in terms of "all inclusive accommodation". There are hundreds of 5 star Antalya beach front hotels. Over the years, with the help of the customers feedback, Antalya has transformed the all inclusive concept to it's best form. It is especially very comfortable for a family holiday. Although recently the bed&breakfast hotels in Antalya have improved the service quality as well, still we would say Antalya is an "all inclusive destination". There is a very detailed article about "where to stay in Antalya" on our page. The article is not offering any hotel but it will give you an idea about where to stay could match your expectations at best. Click on the topic if you want something speacial like villa rent, motor yacht tour, private party etc. to have a memorable moments in Antalya.

International Airports
Antalya has 2 international airport Antalya (AYT) and Gazipasa (GZP) and additionally Isparta international airport (ISE) is also just 2 hours drive away from Antalya. Although there seems to be 3 airports feeding the area, Antalya (AYT) airport itself is welcoming more than 10 million foreign tourists alone in a year. 

15 Million Tourists
Antalya gets 15 million tourists in a year from almost 100 different countries including all Europe, CIS Countries, Middleeast Countries and North Africa. More than 50 percent of the tourists are from the western Europe. Germany, England, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. The second big share from the pie belongs to the CIS Countries and Russia is clear ahead is the number one of with more than 4 million passengers. Besides these markets, the local markets customers are also a very important part of those 15 million holiday makers. Visa policy of Turkey plays the greatest role to produce these numbers because most of the countries do not need visa to enter to Turkey. Click the link to see the visa policy in details.

Golf Tourism in Antalya
Belek region is the golf tourism center of Antalya. There are 14 golf courses and all of them are 18 hole courses. Belek region hotels accepted as the best hotels in Antalya so, the golfers can enjoy the "tee times" as well as they can make the most of the highest quality hotel service like international brand drinks and cocktails, theme  a la carte restaurants, SPA facilities, in room dining, luxury rooms and more.... These courses provide not only games but also all the necessary equipments are available for rent. You can also stay in other hotels and book tee time on these courses. For those who wants to start to play golf or improve golf skills can get lessons from the proffessionals. Having good courses, hotels with high standards and being very close to the airport makes Belek Region a preferable place for many international golf tournaments.

Click on the topic to book transfer from/to airport or between hotels, click on the photo to see one of the most prestigeous tournament "Turkish Airlines Open" and click the button to see the golf courses in details.

Football Winter Camps
Antalya is hosting more than thousand proffessional football camps during the season winter break. This is an advantage for the teams prefering Antalya as winter break camp place because it is easy to find opponent teams for the training games. Besides the short flight distance, the number of the adequate football fields with UEFA standards and various accommodation facilities, the know-how of how to welcome and treat the proffessional football players and how to meet their high level expectations are making Antalya preferable for the winter camps. By the way there 2 Antalya teams which play in the Turkish Super League, AntalyaSpor and AlanyaSpor.

The Famous Lycian Way
​​If you are looking for hiking in Antalya than you must have a look the Lycian Way closer because it is not only Antalya's but the world's one of the best hiking routes.It is more than 500 km long and connecting Antalya with Fethiye, a small city on the west where mediterranean meets aegean sea. The best time for hiking lycian way is spring or the end of summer. It take around 3 weeks if you want to hike all the way or you can choose the favorite routes like "Gelidonya - Adrasan", "Adrasan - Olympos" to experience the lycian way. 

Antalya Motorbike and Bike Routes
Because of its nature, climate and history Antalya is also one of the best destination for motorbikers and bikers. Although having these advantages, you have to be careful when you drive in the city because the traffic can be sometimes chaotic and the drivers are not very much respectful to the motorbikers. Click on the photo to see routes and click on the button to see motorbike alternatives and prices for rental.

International Congress & Conferences
Having many convention centers, best accommodation options, good service, being very close to the airport and easy visa policy give Antalya a great adventage to host international congress, conferences, events and festivals. It is very important to choose best convention center and hotel option for your organisation so, click on the topic to get the contact details of a professional M.I.C.E. agency. You can also see the main congress and conferences below.

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