Antalya in August

Summer is at its height, and so are the annual temperatures. Antalya is experiencing the hottest month of the year. We want to give some useful advice to enjoy despite temperature in August.

What to Pack
The most important thing to put in your suitcase is your bathing suit, followed by light clothing and sun block. Throw in a pair of comfortable low sandals.

Things to do on August in Antalya
Rent a boat and go to the sea. Caves, closed bays, islands, deserted beaches, you'll enjoy a special atmosphere of appeasement.
Due to the fact that the sea is full of yachts, we recommend to go to one of the places of the endless Mediterranean coast on a private yacht with an experienced captain.

This is not the time of year to make last minute plans. Book everything in advance, especially restaurants for dinner and sun loungers at the most popular beaches.

August weather in Antalya
August is often the hottest month of the year, and temperatures soar while the humidity can try the patience of even the heartiest travelers. At night, the City generally cools off, and by the end of the month, bring down both the heat and the humidity.

Average maximum temperature: 34.0°C
Average lowest temperature: 22.7°C
The possibility of rain: 2%
Average sea water temperature: 28.0°C
Average sunbathing time: 11.2 hours
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