Antalya in December

Antalya hasn't experience any snow which make for a very pleasant environment for christmas. In fact last snowfall was amount 5cm in 1993 where all Antalya was cover with snowwhite dress which was remarkable.

Turkey do not celebrate Christmas as such, although the idea is not a throughly far. Santa Claus (Father Christmas) was born in Turkey and is called Noel Baba in Turkish. It has long been the tradition that Noel Baba would bring gifts to kids on New Year's Eve. However in Turkey it may hold a bit more significance than in others. As an expat or foreigner in Turkey at this time, there may be a number of traditions surrounding New Year's Eve they are not yet familiar with.

The term "Noel" can sometime be misconstrued to mean New Year's Eve. All of the wonderful Noel markets, decorations and even Santa imagery are for the most part correlated to this end of the year festivity and not to what the western world relates to as Christmas.

The exhibitions, theatres, ballet, concerts and artistic activities are burst during this month. If you want to learn, you can check our What's On page.

Average maximum temperature: 16.7°C
Average lowest temperature: 7.6°C
The possibility of rain: 38.6%
Average sea water temperature: 18.3°C
Average sunbathing time: 4.8 hours
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