Antalya in February

To be honest, if we were to choose the worst month in which to visit Antalya, it would have to be February. "Of course No"

Antalya is a beauty for 12 months. That beeing said but February holiday in Antalya has a different approach. Best example of this subject is Saklıkent. Yes, that’s true. We can guess that you are surprised to hear but yes, Antalya has skiing spots, too. Saklıkent is 50km to Antalya city center. It’s located at the hills of Toros, Beydaglari which is on the west of Antalya. Motto is daytime skiing in the afternoon sea. A one day trip to Saklıkent can make you feel two different seasons in one day. A warm spring-like weather and a cold winter day covering with white snow.

Things to do on Antalya in February
Antalya is the most beautiful coastal city of our country with its natural wonder, long coast and magnificent sea. It is impossible not to fall in love with the sea in this period. Konyaalti beach with the renewed face has many cute little cafes and restaurants especially for winter time. The views over Antalya bay are amazing. For complete quiet, you can hide away in one of the many parks secluded spot on Konyaalti Beach.

Antalya weather in Fabruary
February is brief and bitter. Indeed, as one of the coldest and wettest months of the year, with choppy seas and winter gales.
Average maximum temperature: 15.5°C
Average lowest temperature: 6.3°C
The possibility of rain: 35.3%
Average sea water temperature: 15.7°C
Average sunbathing time: 5.7 hours
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