Antalya in January

"Meteorological officials stated that sunny weather in Antalya is expected to be part of a cloudy weather, while the weekend is predicted to be effective in rainfall. The news is at corner of our minds. In January people who hugged their cameras attacked the shores as soon as they saw the sun. However, you may swim in the sea on daytime but the night can be equivalent to Ankara's cold.

What to do?
Off-season travel is usually much more fun, as crowds are smaller, lines are shorter, and you can actually glimpse some locals in between the masses of camera-toting tourists flitting from their A/C bus into yet another ancient city or museum and back again.

There are plenty of things you can do during a vacation in Antalya in the Januray. Don’t forget that Antalya is also a center of culture and archaeology, let alone its unique nature.

A cool day in Kaleici: Walking around Kaleici you are going to see places built during Roman and Ottoman Empires. Everybody will enjoy day or evening there. No matter if you are there for a romantic walk, alone, or with a big family. Curvy paved streets will take you to ancient Turkey, where you can buy souvenirs such as Turkish delight, coffee, jewelry, or spices. You can also try famous Turkish ice cream. It has a special, like a dough, texture. A server spins it, throw it in the air, and does a magic tricks before giving it to you.

Cultural stops at Museums: If you are a museum-lover type, several museums will be waiting for you in Antalya. Suna Inan Kirac (Akmed), Ataturk's Museum and Antalya Archaeology Museum.

January weather in Antalya
January is the coldest month of the year, with frequent grey, rainy days.

Average maximum temperature: 14.9°C
Average lowest temperature: 5.9°C
The possibility of rain: 41.3%
Average sea water temperature: 16.4°C
Average sunbathing time: 5 Saat
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