Antalya in September

Summer moves on.

September: summer vacation is ending, school is back in session, temperatures begin to cool off... but the holiday season isn't over yet on the City! 
September is one of the best months of the year to visit Antalya!

What to Pack
Temperatures in September can vary between the beginning and the end of the month, as the season goes from summer into fall. It is never chilly, so summer clothes are still fine, but you may want to pack a light jacket and closed shoes just in case.

What to do on September in Antalya
Beach clubs are all open for business, as most close in mid-October. This is the perfect time of year to really savor the beach in peace, especially since most schools in Turkey open back up so families are no longer on holiday. 
The weather is perfect condition for a boat tour and exploring some historical sites that you can enjoy every moment.

September weather on Antalya
In September, the temperature is at perfect level, the crowds are start melting away, all businesses are open, and the sea is finally tuned up to just about right temperature for swim without having to worry about too many boats passing or crowds.

Sound perfect? Close! You can get the one or two rainy day, but it's just an excuse to duck into a Antalya Museum or linger over your meal at a charming Asmani Restaurant.

Average maximum temperature: 31.1°C
Average lowest temperature: 19.4°C
The possibility of rain: 5.6%
Average sea water temperature: 26.9°C
Average sunbathing time: 9.7 hours
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