Antalya Teneffus Park & Ice Skating

The word “teneffüs” is used for the break between the lessons at school. But you need more time than a break to enjoy the Teneffüs Park. This place is in the city center, only 2 km away from the old town.
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The park requires entrence fee for the kids, free for the parents and also some activities inside are with charge. Like some other amusement parks above, this place could also be an half day activity for your kids. What differs Teneffüs Park from the other parks is that it has one and only ice skating place in Antalya. There is no specific place for car parking but you always find place for your car around the park.  This park, I would say, is more for little ones due to the activities offered in here. Rope course (a small one comparing the other rope courses in Antalya), mud pool, a small climbing Wall, fairytail tree, trampoline, sand ocean, flintstone theme park, carrusel, soft play ground and ice skating are the activities. There is also a small cafe for drinks and snacks. 

Antalya Teneffus Park & Ice Skating
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