Coronavirus: The situation in Antalya

The entire world is in the throes of battle against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and at the moment, the situation is very uncertain and it is impossible to predict how it will evolve over the next few weeks. We will share updated information on this page about the situation on the ground and try to share some advice based on our experience as local residents.

The Situation on the Ground on Antalya

Last update: 24 April, 2020

While the entire globe remains under lockdown due to Covid-19, Turkey is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as the virus hit its peak over the past few days and cases are slowly but steadily in decline. Today, 24 April, is the first day that a limited number of businesses and factories can reopen under complate lockdown, while residents are still unpermitted to leave their homes only in cases of absolute necessity until 27 May.

The Turkish government is working on a plan for the country to begin the gradual loosening of restrictions, but the timeline and conditions are still uncertain at this time. The return to normal life will be slow and gradual, and it is unlikely that the summer holidays will be what we are used to, as no one knows when and how travel will be allowed.

What we can say with certainty is that there have been very few cases in Antalya, - though our local government imposed a strict lockdown on every weekends and holidays regardless to safeguard against a possible spread.

Hotels in the area have delayed opening for the season until end of May or a later date, and have restaurants and cafés works only delivery or take away services. There are no flights in and out of Turkey, and it is probable that any travelers flying into or out of the country will be required 14 days period of quarantine after taking a flight.

It is unlikely that travel will resume in May, and June also looks uncertain. There may be a chance of travel opening up in August and September, though it is early to say.

Those of you who have already booked holidays for the next few months and have paid deposits should contact your hotel to request a voucher to be used for a future trip, which is the best way to support our local economy and help our hotels survive the summer of 2020.

What will the Coronavirus situation be over the next few months?

Turkey seems to have reached the peak of Covid-19 cases, and there has been a slight tapering off that experts believe will continue throughout the month of April. In May, the country may be able to start returning to normal life at a pace that is still to be defined, while in other European countries and in the US, cases may still be at high levels.

The health of the world is at stake, so right now our advice is to keep monitoring the situation worldwide, stay on top of the travel restrictions in your country of residence, and - when the virus has run its course - finally enjoy the trip of your dreams in Antalya.

Antalya have welcomed visitors since the times of Lycian, and will be here better than ever when the world is ready to travel again!

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