Davraz Ski Center

One of the best things to do in winter
Davraz Ski Center / Isparta

Couple of weeks ago I went to Davraz and even I, myself, as a local person, was very much surprised how much Antalya offers to its visitors. It was one of those usual sunny days for Antalya and it was warm enough to do actually anything, even sunbathing, 18C degrees in city and 6C degrees in Davraz. So, I hit the road after I had my breakfast, with a friend of mine who is a semi-professional photographer, to have a pure fun journey.

The route from Antalya to Davraz Ski Center is 145 km approx. and except the last 20 km, it is quite comfortable to drive. That means with a normal drive you are there within one and half hour but it took us to reach Davraz a bit more than 2 hours because we gave a few breaks to take some pictures of the beautiful nature on the way. First, we stopped by Karacaoren dam and later a few times by nowhere actually but it worth when we saw the pictures we took.

After 2 hours drive, we arrived to Isparta which is the closest city to Davraz and famous for its roses. Anyway, we took the belt ring and came to the crossroad for the last 20 km of our route where we had to drive more carefully due to the damaged surface and icing hazard on this single lane road. When we finally arrived to the ski center, we had no problem with parking, as there was a huge free car park area.

According to the level of the snow on the top of the hills, the season begins usually in December and ends in April. There are hotels and motels nearby, few minutes drive away and three hotels in walking distance to the skiing facilities. Sirene Davraz Hotel, Isperia Davraz Hotel and SDU Davraz Hotel are those three closest ones. 

As for food and beverage, there is nothing special you will not starve. There are restaurants if you want to have a bit comfort or you can eat meatball or sausage sandwiches to take away. The prices are cheap comparing other ski center’s prices in Europe.

The prices of the facilities are probably the cheapest but it fits with the quality of the equipment given for rent. So, bring your own equipment if your standards are high but it is ok if you just want to give a try. I am writing some of the prices here and notice that the prices are twenty percent cheaper in the week.

Chair lift               2 £       2,5€     3$
Skis for a day      10£      12€      15$
Clothing a day     10£      12€      15$
One hour lesson  30£      38€      45$

Below I also add a picture with the drawing of ski slopes. There are several ski slopes with different difficulty levels.

On the way back to Antalya we also visited the ancient city of Sagalassos. Click to see other cultural excursion alternatives in Antalya.

All in all Davraz offers everything that you need for skiing with very competitive prices. When you come to Antalya I would definitely recommend staying a few nights in Davraz if you are not in rush or a daily visit would also be enough to enjoy.

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