Access to this uninhabited island is by boat only. The ruins of Simena are located here, which is a partially sunken ancient city of the Lycians that was submerged into the Mediterranean Sea by a series of earthquakes in the second century.
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  • It’s a tiny settlement and perhaps not enough for a long stay, but it is marvellous and gives you an amazing view of the surrounding waterways from Kale castle on its peak
  • Kekova has no swimming area. The sea is so clean that you can easily see ruins under water. From here you can go to the "Sunken City" and then to the island. Afterwards, you can anchor in the bays and enjoy the sea and have opportunity to see the wrecks of the six glazed boats.
  • Boat tours are sold as a package so you don't have to think about food.
  • Don't forget to visit the magnificent theater on the island.

There are plenty of locally made handicrafts, herbs and produce available and lots of little cafes. The vista is spectacular and the waters pristine and amazingly blue.

Recommendation: Booked a day boat trip with Volume in Kalkan. That you'll stopped a few times to swim and snorkel although there was little to see. But the water was warm and refreshing from the hot sun. BBQ chicken and lots of mezes. Also fruit. Enjoy!

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