Limyra Ancient City

Ancient city of Limyra, the beautifully preserved amphitheater., The lower city at the base of the hill encompasses two separate walled areas. A gate in the district to the west leads through to a marshy area and down toward a massive structure standing on a stone podium
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  • The site of the ruin consists of several basic areas. Remains all over the town and around the river and amphitheater. The amphitheater is surrounded by wire fences but the gate is constantly open. No check in or out. Free entrance.
  • The monumental tombs, slope houses, rock tombs, the Acropolis, the Acrapol church, the Pericles Monument and the city walls scatterd  a larger area. You have to climb a bit to see all of the ruins.
  • Market
  • Free parking lot
  • You can relax under shade of threes, water and views makes your travel much more excotic and unique.
  • Although Limyra is far from the city like the Sillyon Ancient City, it is similar abandoned village destiny.
  • The whole city is not open, there are excavations and few part can be visited.
  • The ancient city offers great potentail for taking pictures. It is being used extensively especially for wedding photography.

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