Local Transportation

Tram (Antray)
If you are coming to Antalya by plane and your accommodation is close to the Old Town we recommend you to take tram. The tram station is right in front of the Terminal 1 at the airport. So if you land to the Terminal 2 you should take taxi until Terminal 1. If you land to Domestic Terminal you have to walk around 200 meters to get to the tram station. Once you are out of the building you should buy "TAM KART" from the machine for 5 Turkish Lira which is around one euro to use the tram. One way journey is a bit more than a euro. The machine accepts only turkish lira so, change your money or withdraw some turkish lira before you come out from the building. The closest station to the old town area is Ismet Pasha which is only 100 meters from the old town entrence. 

Nostalgic Tram

Almost all the attractions of Antalya city on one line.
It doesn’t matter what reason for or who are you coming with, you have to experience the Nostalgic Tram to be able to say that you were in Antalya.
Tram line is about 5 km and there are 10 stations on the line. It departs every half an hour from Konyaalti station (Antalya Museum) and from Zerdalilik Station (the main station) between 07:00 and 23:00 hours. Round trip is less than one dollar.
If you are away from the oldtown you can arrange transfer here.

You can either get on the tram and enjoy the city quick and without getting tired or use it as your guide line if you want to walk and see the city attractions in details.

If you have time and want to see more about the city I would suggest you to get to the closest tram station and go until Konyaalti station wich is the last station on the west. After that you can follow the tram line all the way down to the main station and I guarantee that you will spend a whole day because this line offers a lot to the visitors. 

ANTBIS Smart Bicycle System offers service at 6 stations for the present. It is a kind of lovely weekend transportation that can be done with a credit card to spend time under beautiful weather of Antalya for short distances. Fall in love with Antalya as you explore by bike at your own pace.
Discover Lara Yuruyus yolu famous sights including Falez view, Duden Park and coast across the Falez for incredible views of the skyline. A map and bike lock are included, so you can easily navigate the city and stop anywhere you like to shop, eat and sightsee by foot. Biking is one of the best ways to experience the City, and with several rental options, you have the flexibility to create your own sightseeing itinerary. With the full-day option, you can cruise farther west through Konyaalti to visit must-see sights such as Tunektepe Cable-car!

Clicking on the station you want to use from the map below; it is possible to see in real time how many bikes are currently used and how many of them can be rented.

Antalya-Kemer Sea Bus
Instead of using a bus you can make a day trip from Antalya to Kemer on a sea bus. There is a direct sea bus connection twice a day and the journey takes an hour. Ferry from Antalya to Kemer, a beach destination 30 km away on the coast.

The sea bus leaves from Antalya Harbor that is right in Antalya Old Town Kaleici. Coming down the stairs from Kaleici you will find the white sea bus boats on the right hand side.
The ticket office staff isn’t the best for languages so you can communicate with them old fashioned way, body language. Don’t worry about it you and they know what you need. “Ticket”

If you gonna use ferry on winter time you can follow the cancellation of the scheduled due to bad weather in winter.

As of 1 June 2019;

ANTALYA - KEMER (Everyday) 09:00 12:00 17:00

KEMER - ANTALYA (Everyday) 10:30 13:30 18:30

There are different public transportation options in Antalya and visitors are encouraged to make use of a combination of them in order to meet their internal travel needs. For the most part, though, the public bus system is the best method of getting to most areas of Antalya. 

Most of the areas of the city (and beyond) are easily reached by bus. Fare is payable only by using a card named Antalyakart.

Insider: Local etiquette is to give up your seat to someone older, pregnant women, someone with a small child and disabled passengers. There are designated seats on the bigger buses an although it may appear people ignore the rules it is expected that should a passenger get on the bus with any of the conditions for these seats they will be given them. To stop the bus there are bell buttons near the exit doors. The bigger buses only stop at designated bus stops on route.

For bus routes in the city we recommend you to download the "moovit" app, which work quite well!

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