Nostalgic Tram City Centre Attractions

Almost all the attractions of Antalya city on one line. It doesn’t matter what reason for or who are you coming with, you have to experience the Nostalgic Tram to be able to say that you were in Antalya.

Tram line is about 5 km and there are 10 stations on the line. It departs every half an hour from Konyaalti station (Antalya Museum) and from Zerdalilik Station (the main station) between 07:00 and 23:00 hours. Round trip is less than one dollar.

If you are away from the oldtown you can arrange transfer here

The Tram Line
You can either get on the tram and enjoy the city quick and without getting tired or use it as your guide line if you want to walk and see the city attractions in details.

The Tram
If you have time and want to see more about the city I would suggest you to get to the closest tram station and go until Konyaalti station wich is the last station on the west. After that you can follow the tram line all the way down to the main station and I guarantee that you will spend a whole day because this line offers a lot to the visitors. 

Once you are by Konyaalti station; You can visit Antalya museum. It is open from 08:00 until 18:30. The entrance fee is around 8 $ per person and free for handicap people. I believe it is a must see place if you are interested in ancient art.

Antalya Museum
If you are in Antalya more for sun, sand and sea you can walk about 10 minutes from the station down to Konyaalti beaches and soak up the sun.

Konyalti beaches from konyaalti tram station
If you don’t go down to the beaches and follow the side walk you will reach the gate of Hasan Subasi Park where you can do jogging, cycling, walking etc. or have some quiet time.

You can also watch people trying parasailing from the cliffs to the beach by the same station.

If you follow the tram line you will pass by the “Martyrs Monument”.

Martyrs’ Monument by Konyaaltı tram station

Following that you will see the gate of Atatürk Park where international, Turkish and Chinese restaurants are located on the cliffs with an amazing Mediterranean view. Free parking if you go by car. Click here to see the restaurants, to reserve a table and to book transfer from your location.

Antalya Chinese Restaurant in Atatürk Park

There are two gates for Atatürk park so, you can enter from one side, walk through the park and exit from another gate while you enjoy the beautiful view.

View from the cliffs in Atatürk Park

As you come out of the park you will see million dollars flats looking to the beauty of Mediterranean.

Million Dollar Apartments

When you go further you will pass by couples of adjoining apartments than you will find the square of Yavuz Ozcan Park where the first Turkish conqueror “Giyaseddin Keyhusrev” monument is placed. It is a huge monument about 5 mt high.

Giyaseddin Keyhusrev Monument in Yavuz Ozcan Park

Opposite of Giyaseddin Keyhusrev Monument you will find Cadde Gulluk where you can shop cheap with local people. At the beginning of the street there is “I love Antalya” symbol waiting for you to take picture with.

“I love Antalya” symbol.

Keep following the tram line about couple of hundred meters and see the “Elevator” to take you down in Old City Marina within seconds. But I would go further till the clock tower, turn to right, down to the heart of the Old Town and use the elevator to come up to avoid getting tired by walking all the way up from the Old Town.

“Panoromic Elevator”

Next to the elevator you can have a break in Tophane Tea Garden and have Turkish tea or Turkish coffee with local people here, looking over to the beautiful Old Town view.

View from Tophane Tea Garden

Next attraction is Republic Square and National Rise Monument, just 50 meters away from Tophane tea garden.

National Rise Monument on Republic Square

Following that you will come to the Old Town gate. If you have time and you are not tired you can go in to the Old Town visit authentic shops, have lunch in the restaurant by Marina and come up to continue the tram line. Otherwise keep following the tram, because there are still a lot to see on the line and leave Old Town visit for later and combine with boat tour which departs from old town marina to Duden waterfall and back again.

Old Town Gate

When you are by the old town gate you will also see “Fluted Minaret Mosque” right behind the gate.

Fluted Minaret Mosque

The most touristic and crowded place is “Kale Kapisi” area (the castle gate). This is the heart of the city and where ever you look at you will find an attraction.

Oldtown Area

Some of the attractions are; clock tower, Tekeli Mehmet Pasha mosque, II. Attalos sculpture, street artists, phaetons, the nostalgic tram itself, authentic “Hamam Bazaar” for spices, jewellery and clothes, Cadde Şarampol (pedestrian street for cheap shopping with locals), citrus marmalade shop, umbrella street, dönerciler çarşısı (döner restaurant street), etc. 

Clock Tower & Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque
Attalos II Sculpture
Strreet Artists
Authentic Hamam Bazaar

If you get tired and don’t want to walk any more you can try a phaeton journey which also follows the tram line about 1,5 km, from Clock Tower to Karaoğlan Park for 10 $.

After spending some time in Kale Kapisi area keep following the tram line from Dönerciler Street down by the coffee shops on “Isiklar Street” to see “Hadrianus Gate”. This is another gate to enter the old town.

Hadrianus Gate

On the opposite side of Hadrianus Gate you will see historical Karakash Mosque from the Seljuk period.

Karakash Mosque

After visiting these two attractions which are facing each other you can follow the way down on Isiklar Street where mostly local people shop, eat cheap and fast or enjoy tea or coffee right by the tram line.

I tried to wirte as many attractions as possible. You can choose the ones that yuo want tosee and enjoy your visit Antalya. For more information you can always contact us.

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