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The ancient city of Patara, located in the Kaş district of southern Turkey´s Antalya province, will be the focus of Turkish tourism policy in 2020 the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced. Patara was a very wealthy city due to trade and was one of the six principal cities of Lycia.
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A great view into the history of Patara. The ruins are in great condition. Lots of information about the ruins are displayed. Also as there are a long way from the tourist areas.

Traveling to the old days when legends were living ones that you may enjoy learning about the past many things.

Patara opening times vary throughout the year, typically the attraction opens at 08.30am and closes 5.30pm.

There is almost complete 8000 seater amphitheatre, only discovered 1988.

There is also an opportunity to be able to go to the Patara Beach and pass these ruins, they are so close to the road.

Very hot during summer. Advise hats/ sun screen. And plenty water with you!

You can take private transfer that you don't need to touch your wallet again trough entire day or really easy to get to using local transport really interesting to walk around with lots of boards with information on what you are looking at, shared the site with a flock of sheep and remarkably few people, also parts have been restored, when you have had enough of the ruins it is a short walk to Patara Beach which is large enough to have loads of private space. The ride to the beach followed part of the Lycian way going through pine forests and a few tine villages the ride in it self. Unfortunately followed the new coast road on the way home faster but not as interesting.

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