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We constantly hear the name and tons of articles written on the longitudinal one of Turkey’s longest stretch of uninterrupted beach.
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  • Visiting times are limited from 08.00 to 20.00. The beach closes in the evenings due to the nesting turtles.
  • Beach as it is a protected beach due to the nesting of the Loggerhead turtles.
  • No night stay on the beach
  • You can access your museum card free of charge, or pay at entrance point.
  • Arriving at a car park approximetly 150m from the beach, a wooden walkway is provided to access the beach
  • The facilities are limited, but adequate
  • There is one beach cafe serving snacks and drinks, The cafe is very reasonable in price and choices of food available.
  • There are sun loungers all in one area and is busy.
  • The sand is scrumptious. The sea is choppy, waves to jump in and pretty shallow for a long way out. All you can do jumping and fighting against the sea but swimming.
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  • It’s worth trekking northwest from here to admire the rising dunes and gain some privacy and the views are amazing!. Tread carefully, though, as loggerhead turtles arrive in droves in the summer months to nest. Visitation is limited to the daylight hours to allow the turtles to nest without disturbance.
  • Avoid weekends as always more crowded.
  • Go later in the day - get there at 16:00 - 17:00. It gets cooler and watching the sunset with the kids playing in the sea is awesome during summer time.
  • Watch out to the sand, after the 10.00 am start to burn.

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