Phaselis Beach

If not the best beach in Antalya, then most probably one of the more intriguing ones. Where else can you swim in a naturally divine place full of history, next to historical artifacts?
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You will need a Museum Card for entrance.
History and nature are intertwined,
Phaselis offers two beaches, the first: you can swim in the harbor ruins, a snack bar with small snacks is open during working hours. Don't forget to bring your umbrellas and towels with you because this is the region within the Olympos Beydağları National Park, so there is no service for the coast.
There is a dressing cabin
No lifeguard
Have WC
After passing through the ruins of the city will be waiting for you on a larger beach used by fishermen. This place is more virgin than the first. As for the size of the beach, you have nothing but the view of the sea, trees and mountains.
The coasts are generally sandy, but the stones are in it.
Camping facilities
It provides the opportunity to walk up to 100 meters in the sea.
A great day activity for families with children.
Generally flatness of the area and the climbing in the ancient city (amphitheater) outside the disabled friendly.
Phaselis free for visits from the sea. It is one of the indispensable stops of daily yacht tours especially by Kemer in summer.

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