Antalya is most exciting and romantic place, so it’s a natural spot to tie the knot.
Can same-sex couples get married in Antalya?
Getting married abroad is the dream for many couples, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be an option for same sex couples too. But low still pending required legalization as part of the EU. Under review by a Turkish high court to see if spouses are entitled for visas. 

Unfortunately answer on 2019 is still no.

How do I get a marriage license?
Foreign citizens interested in getting married in Turkey advised to obtain the eligibility certificates in their home countries and have them translated and notarized in Turkey in order to reduce the waiting period.

It is also advisable to book the appointment with the Turkish marriage office a few weeks before and arrive in Turkey at least 3 or 4 days before the marriage takes place.

There are no residence permit requirements for foreign citizens seeking to register their marriages in Turkey if they have the no impediment certificates issued by the authorities in their home country. If one or both spouses are foreign citizens, they will only need tourist visas for traveling to Turkey.

Besides preparing the certificate of eligibility for marriage, the valid passports, the birth certificates, and other significant documents, the two spouses will need to give notice of their marital status at the register office in their home country.
For both nationals and foreigners, the Turkish marriage registration procedure will imply the same steps. The spouses will submit the documents required by the marriage office in person. Both spouses will also be required to submit declarations on their intentions of registering the marriage. The spouses must have at least two witnesses, who cannot be family members.

Recognition of marriages registered in Turkey

One of the most important aspects of marriage registration of foreign citizens in Turkey is that of the recognition of the marriage in their home countries. It is good to know that most countries recognize marriage registration in Turkey without any other additional action. However, foreign spouses can have the marriage certificate issued by the Turkish authorities translated, authenticated and sent to the marriage registration office in their home countries.

How much does it cost?
A marriage license costs $50. Note, though, that you’ll generally have to wait 24 hours after getting your license before you can exchange vows.

Where else can I have a wedding ceremony in Antalya?
Plenty of places, hotels, restaurants or even private beaches which are next to the sea can cover all your needs. For details on these and many more sites to get married in Antalya, visit our roundup of Antalya wedding venues.

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