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When is the best time of year to visit Antalya?

It's easy to think that Antalya has a 3 different climates all year round, perfect for a seaside vacation. The truth is that Antalya has three very distinct seasons, each with its own weather and atmosphere.

The tourist season on Antalya traditionally all years round (springs, summer and winter). Locals consider the best times to visit the Antalya from the beginning of April to mid-June, and from the beginning of September to mid-October.

Antalya in Spring

Spring is definitely the most beautiful time of year to visit Antalya. The light is just right, the weather mild, and the flowers are all in bloom. The scent of jasmine and orange blossoms pervade the streets, which are not overcrowded yet with tourists. Shopkeepers and restaurant hosts are fresh off their winter rest, so happy to see patrons again!

What to Do on Antalya in Spring

Ancient cities: You can embrace the historical texture of Antalya such as Xanthos, Termessos, Side, Perge, Olympos, Patara, Myra, Syedra, Letoon, Limyra, Rhodiapolis.

Natural beauties: Karain Cave, which is expected to be included in the World Heritage List soon is a good choice for your Antalya holiday plan in spring. If you are in Alanya, visit Alanya Castle and the Damlatas Cave with Cleopatra Beach. You may need to spend a day for the waterfalls such as Manavgat, Duden and Kursunlu. 

Beach days: This is the perfect month to laze on the beach. From Monday to Friday, beaches aren't too crowded and you can relax until late into the afternoon, perhaps waiting for sunset to sip a cocktail.

Boat Tour: This is the month in which you can start going out on the water. This is the perfect time of year for a boat tour around the City.

The Weather on Antalya in March, April, May (averages)

Temperature Days of Rain Sea temperature
March   8° - 18° 8 16.5°
April 11° - 21° 6 18°
May 16° - 26° 5 21°

Antalya in Summer

From June to September, Antalya becomes the chic and glamorous destination that has won it a reputation worldwide as an A-list populer destination, as tourists enjoy the sunny days and balmy nights. Each day thousands of visitors arrive by airplane total close to 15 million. By day people chase to the beachs, ancient cities, or natural wonder with tours, and by night gather in the Oldtown , Lara or for romantic dinner view of megnificant mediterranean sea.

What to Do on Antalya in Summer
Beaches on Antalya: July is the embodiment of the dream in Antalya. There are many private beaches to choose from as well as public beaches. You can choose all beaches on our beaches page according to the proximity to your accommodation. The classic way to spend a summer's day in the City is on the beach. Most beach clubs have a limited number of spaces, so make sure you reserve in advance in high season!

Hire a Private Boat: The best thing to do on a hot summer day in Antalya is without a doubt head to open water on board a boat to Falez area, private Kemer or Kaş Tour stopping for lunch at a beachside restaurant or on boat with a cool pitcher of white wine.

Take a look at the event calendar: there are always a number of interesting events going on in the summer.

We do not recommend a day trip in the summer, as the heat can make it a tiring and stressful trip. If you do decide to daytrip, plan on spending the day on the beach or on board a boat.

The Weather on Antalya in June, July and August (averages)

Temperature Days of rain Sea temperature
June 19° - 30° 2 23°
July 22° - 34° 1 26°
August 22° - 34° 1 28°

Antalya in Autumn
Wondering when to Visit Antalya? Though every season has its unique charms, there is something really special about autumn in Antalya. The air temps begin to drop along with the crowds, the colors come out in the countryside. 

If you plan to visit Antalya in the autumn a little planning will go a long way to ensure that you don’t miss some of the very seasonal pleasures that the city has to offer.

The months of September and October are perfect for visiting Antalya, especially if you get lucky with the weather and have a perfectly mild and sunny day. Around mid-September, Antalya quiets down significantly as the masses of tourists thin, but the weather is still warm enough to spend a sunny day at the beach swimming or to sail along the beachs. Restaurants and hotels begin to close for the winter at the end of October.

September is often as warm as August, though the evenings tend to be (mercifully) cooler. By October, it's really starting to feel like autumn, and November is Antalya's rainiest month. Like spring, fall is a transitional season, which means you've got to be prepared for some weather variations.

What to Do on Antalya in Autumn

Marvel at the colors: Autumn in Antalya is a sustained color explosion. Escape the cities to tour Antalya's parks and trails and enjoy the changing leaves. Try some classic Antalya adventures like hiking Lycian Way or more local Lara, Konyaalti or simply driving through the countryside to Davraz or Kaş. Antalya deciduous trees usually show their best fall colors in October but depending on the year they could begin to change as early as September and continue into November. For those who can’t or don’t want to leave the city, head to a park such as Karaalioglu or Falez Park.

Enjoy the Beachs: Beach-lovers don’t have to renounce a dip just because it’s autumn. In some parts of Antalya, the weather stays warm well into the fall, allowing passionate swimmers and sunbathers the chance to enjoy some beach time. The beaches remain popular destinations for long walks and relaxing in the sun, however, it’s likely to stay warm enough to swim through December.

Take advantages of smaller crowds and lower pricesLower prices are one of the best things about Autumn in Antalya(hotels, end of the season discounts). The diminishing crowds are not too far behind. Like cooler temperatures, lower prices begin to creep into the city at the end of August and last through the winter. Fall really is the budget travelers’ best friend, but timing is still very important.

The Weather on Antalya in September, October and November (averages)

Temperature Days of rain Sea temperature
September 19° - 31° 1 27°
October 15° - 26° 7 25°
November 10° - 21° 9 21°

Antalya in Winter
For people who don't mind cold weather, winter can be a great time to travel to Antalya. Most of Antalya has fewer tourists in winter, meaning less crowded museums and shorter or non-existent lines to get into major sights. During the winter, opera, symphony, and theater seasons are in full swing. For winter sports enthusiasts, Antalya's Saklikent has offer lots of opportunities.

There are several reasons it's worth making the trip to Antalya in winter, during what is traditionally the off-season for tourism:
  • It will be much less crowded at some of the popular and historic spots than it is during the summer months, particularly in major ancient cities like Aspendos, Side and Perge.
  • Other than the Christmas and New Year's holidays, you'll find bargain prices on airfares and hotels in most Antalya destination.
  • Antalya offers not only sea, sand and sea but great place for winter sports and skiing like Saklıkent.

Though up until the last century many travellers from rest of the Turkey would visit during the months from October to April to escape the cruel winters and avoid Antalya's torrid summers. Today, however, most hotels and restaurants close during this season, but your options may still be unlimited. If you do come to Antalya in winter, you will certainly see the more authentic and have more of an opportunity to meet the locals and participate in the Antalya real culture, but be prepared for winter temperatures and a bracing sea wind.

The Weather on Antalya in December, January and February (averages)

Temperature Days of Rain Sea temperature
December 8° - 17° 12 18°
January 6° - 15° 13 16°
February 7° - 16° 11 15°

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