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We would like to help you to find out the right accommodation alternatives in Antalya for your coming holiday. We have to warn you that this article is a bit longer than our other articles but take your time and read through until the end to find the best place for you. Despite our long article, there are many more details in our minds to be written and we think you will have some questions after reading, so feel free to send your questions.

Usually destinations are defined by the airports, which feed the area. With this point of view, Antalya is a destination with seven sub-destinations, which are fed by Antalya Airport. Those are from west to east; Kaş-Kalkan, Kemer, Antalya City, Lara-Kundu, Belek, Manavgat-Side and Alanya. The whole cost line is 320 km from Kaş-Kalkan to Alanya. In this article, you will read only about Antalya city center.

Antalya city center is about 12km in the west from Antalya Airport. Click here to book transfer from airport to your hotel.

Regarding the accommodation, there are three different parts in the city and I named these parts as;

Old town (Kaleiçi) area hotels
Beach club hotels on the cliffs
Konyaaltı beach area hotels.

Old Town Area Hotels
This area is the heart of the city and the hotels are within the old town walls. The hotels here are very authentic from outside at the same time comfortable inside.

If you are first time in Antalya and if you are a wanderer, you have to stay in the city center hotels because the city offers many attractions, sightseeing and thins to do for its visitors. You can also have a quick look the top ten attractions of old town below or book Antalya oldtown excursion here.

The old town is very hilly so, consider once again if you want to go with your children. With this aspect, we would not say that old town is children and handicap friendly but there is an elevator operating from old town marina up to Republic Square, which could make it easier for children and handicaps. The hotels are mostly BB (bed&breakfast) or half board because people are mostly out of the hotel to see the city attractions. Click here to be linked to excursion and sightseeing page. There is also a very small private beach (with entrance fee of 5 $) next to old town marina.

Old town is good for authentic and local shopping. Click here to read and watch more about shopping alternatives in Antalya or book shopping tour here.

Restaurants and nightlife are also very good in old town. You can find fine dining restaurants as well as Turkish kebab houses. Nightlife in old town is more live music and pub oriented. 

In a summary; authenticity, very close to airport, easy access, many touristic and local attractions, both budget and luxury alternatives for accommodation, dining and nightlife, local and authentic shopping facility, offering a small beach, you can also enjoy boat trip departing from Kaleiçi Marina starting from 15$ per person.

Click here to book a hotel and type "antalya oldtown" in the search box.

Beach Club Hotels on the cliffs (on Lara coast road)
This area is located on the east side of the city, around 30-mt height cliffs and about 15 km away from Antalya airport. Click here to book transfer from airport to your hotel.

Because of its physical structure, this part of the city is more for young people and adults without children. Hotels are on the cliffs but the beach clubs are down by the sea level and you have to take the stairs until you get down to the sea.

The hotels here are also BB (bed&breakfast) like in old town area hotels and some of them are adult only. You can either book a hotel with its own beach club or you can go to any beach club you want if you want to see some different places but in this case you have to pay from 10$ to 25$ entrance fee to use the facilities like towel, sun lounger, umbrella etc. You can have nice cocktails, spirits and snacks like salads, pizza, burgers etc. in the beach clubs but do not expect too much since the main things are sun, sea and fun. Also, please keep in mind that beach clubs are very crowded when locals come at weekend.

Apart from having fun in beach clubs, We recommend you to hire bike or book to a bike tour because there is a phenomenal bike route around 6 km from this area to the east side of the city, alongside the Mediterranean until Düden Waterfall.

Alternatively, you can play basketball with locals on a court facing to the sea, jog with the locals on the cliffs with sea view, sit in a café and watch people walking their dogs, enjoy Düden Park and Düden Waterfall or for more adrenaline take the chance to do rafting on Düden River and zip line and so on.

As for dining and nightlife, it is quite similar to old town. There is a street called “Lara” and you can find cafes, restaurants, live music and pubs on that street. Click here to see the restaurants and nightlife venues.

At last, if you like shopping, Terracity that is one of the best shopping mall of Antalya is in walking distance from beach club hotels. See the video of Terracity here.

Click here to book Lara Hotels and here to book airport transfer.

Konyaaltı Beach Area Hotels
Unlike the old town and beach club areas, this part of the city is very flat, lying behind 8 km long Konyaaltı beach and about 25 km in the west from Antalya Airport.

Antalya Airport – Konyaaltı Area
We would say that this part of the city is all about sea, pebble beach and sun. If those are your only expectation from your holiday, Konyaaltı beach hotels are just for you. The prices here are more affordable comparing to the hotels’ prices in other regions of Antalya. If you do not want to stay in hotel, it is also possible to rent a flat in this area. Book Konyaaltı hotels or flats here and book airport transfer here.

With its 8 km length, Konyaaltı beach is the one of the biggest public beach in Turkey. This invites not only people who live in Antalya but also people who live all over in Turkey to Konyaaltı beach so it really is a local place.

There are lots of beach clubs on the east side where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, order snacks and drinks. Some of the hotels here also have their own beaches with facilities.

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